I fell in love with the Calcutta 390 at first sight.
This catamaran has no equal.

The attention to detail, fit, and finish was that of Viking and Cabo. I had not seen this before in the catamaran world. My previous catamaran was a 27 ft. model from a major manufacturer. This boat had potentially dangerous handling characteristics that plague many catamarans. There was the issue with sudden severe bow steering that always seemed worse in beam and following seas. The ever present outward lean in every turn was problematic. In stark contrast the Calcutta 390 is a work of art. The hull design allows the boat to lean inward during a turn much like a monohull. There is no bow steering period. I’ve had this boat in 7 ft stacked and breaking head seas and did not feel uneasy at all. The boat handles like a dream in quartering, beam, and following seas. The 14 ft beam and wide bow flare provide tremendous lift in heavy seas. This is the driest boat I’ve ever been on. Sixteen people were on this boat on a snapper trip and it really did not seem crowded. The amount of fishing room is amazing and I can sleep 6 people in air conditioned comfort during our overnight tuna trips.

Calcutta’s attention to detail does not end with the delivery of your new catamaran. Their service after the sale goes above and beyond the extra mile and then some. I have never seen such a level of service after the sale in any business. Again, Calcutta has no equal.
Do yourself a favor and try one out. You will be in love again.

John S., M.D.Louisiana

I had to go through 3 V-hull boats in the last
12 years to finally find a boat with the best ride, handling,
and usable space than any 26 ft you could imagine.

No more aching backs or feet after that long run! The fit and finish is excellent and the service from Steve and his team is outstanding! Best boat and service I’ve experienced. Thanks Steve for a wonderful family boat.

– –

Steve, side note only down side is I have been boarded 3 times this year. They didn’t even look at my fish they wanted see my boat up close and ask me how I liked it!!! I was glad to share and yes all my fish were legal…

John FerrellPresident, Verizon Florida - Retired

My friends frequently ask me
if the boat is everything I expected.
I have to be honest and tell them “no.”

It’s MUCH more than I expected…

My crew and I wouldn’t trade our Calcutta 36 for any other boat on the water. We came to that conclusion before we finished her maiden voyage from Palmetto, Florida to Grand Isle, LA. The ride is unbelievable (literally). I can ride 28 MPH in a 3-5 foot beam or quartering sea and it won’t bow-steer. I don’t fully understand why it won’t bow steer….but it won’t. And I love that. We’ve fished through small craft advisories more than once without discomfort. I held the boat over a reef in 6 foot seas with a cross-current while fishing for snapper for the better part of 30 minutes. Before that day, I would have told that wasn’t possible…in any boat.

Dealing with Calcutta and Steve has been a pleasure. One of the great things about buying a Calcutta is the opportunity to customize the boat. Steve spend a lot of time finding out exactly what we needed the boat to do. Then he went out and found the best products to get the job done. There’s nothing second tier on my boat. Anyone who knows boats will immediately recognize the quality components, fit, and finish in a Calcutta.

Steve had to spend a lot of time educating us on systems we had never owned or operated before. He was patient and generous with us and the result is a perfectly customized boat for our needs and desires. That’s not something you’re going to find with many other boat builders. The follow-up care has been exactly the same. Steve has been a great help to us in operating and maintaining the boat.”

Fred Vial, M.D.

It’s been a year now since I took delivery
of my Calcutta and I wanted to send you a note
to say how very pleased I am with
the boat and the whole buying experience…

The boat has performed beyond all my expectations. I fish it from back country to blue water all in the same day and it never skips a beat, I truly believe it is the ideal boat for the Florida Keys. Whether I’m diving in the Gulf for lobsters, targeting a patch reef for snappers, or trolling the Gulf Stream for dolphon the boat is ideally designed to meet all my needs. I can’t believe I took all those beatings for so long in my old mono-hull!

I also wanted to thank you for your patience and support during the build process and post-delivery service. I have never had a salesman, let alone the owner of the company, call me every week for six weeks to follow-up and ensure I was completely satisfied and had no issues. I don’t know what you call this kind of customer service other than excellent.

Thanks for building such a great product at a price I could afford.

Eric RasmussenCudjoe Key, FL

The Calcutta 390 sits in a class
of its own, and is an outstanding example
of quality craftsmanship in every way…

Steve Ellis and his team built boats with passion and from the heart, and what they delivered exceeded all expectations.

From the initial concept, right through the build process and to the after sales service, the team at Calcutta never disappointed. The unique personal service is without question, the best in the industry, riding smoother and faster in a league above all of its other competitors.

We needed a boat that was luxurious and practical; design criteria that could not be matched by any other boat manufacturer. As we would be taking this boat to the four corners of the world, reliability was a key element that was never compromised.

In the last 18months, we have taken the boat through its paces in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Colombia, Galapagos and French Polynesia. Whether we are calving through a 3m Pacific swell, or gliding over the mirrored seas in Bora Bora, the Calcutta has never failed to perform, and is the corner stone of our Global Reef Expedition.

The Calcutta sits proud on the back deck of the Motor Yacht Golden Shadow. If you want a professional, quality and highly stable and efficient catamaran, then I suggest that you look no further. You have found your maker, and your maker is Steve Ellis!

Steve BreenCaptainM/Y Golden Shadow

I wanted to take a moment to thank you
and your staff for a job well done.

We love our new Calcutta and have been out every weekend since we received it…
and we’re still on the initial tank of gas!

You have a dedicated and professional staff that sets the benchmark for all boat builders, in fact, my mechanic recently did the initial service and said that he was amazed at the rigging throughout the boat. He has been servicing boats for 40 years and said that it was “the best rigging he has ever seen”.

Phenomenal ride, incredible layout, and unmatched diversity….once again, thanks!

Tight Lines!

Bill & Roon